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15 March 2023

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WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Having a WordPress website comes with a set of responsibilities. You can’t just put it up and forget about it. We provide WordPress Website Maintenance contracts to take the hassle out of maintaining your website. Take a look at the features listed below.

Website Backups

Regular restorable backups are unquestionably the most important responsibility while running a website. While it’s nice to have a frequent backup, do you ever test to check if your site can be restored? We do that on a regular basis. In case one of them is ever compromised, we have two alternative backup procedures.

Software Updates

WordPress is just like your desktop PC. Every few days software updates are released to fix bugs or security loopholes. Sometimes they even introduce new features that may benefit your business.

Security Auditing and Monitoring

What happens if your website is hacked? It won’t work on our platform. We’re confident in this since we harden our servers and safeguard all of our sites using cloud-based security. Nevertheless, we also analyse your site’s files for malware or harmful code at least twice a week, just in case.

Uptime Monitoring

The next step is uptime monitoring (also called availability monitoring). We keep an eye on your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure it’s not only up and running, but that it’s also displaying the correct information. Any outage receives my immediate attention, and we usually have the site back up and operating in minutes.

Global CDN

Our global content delivery network is available to you for free. We distribute your content worldwide, resulting in faster website loading for all your customers, regardless of where they are located.

Transactional Email Service

Use of our Transactional Email Service is completely free. This is a company that specialises in the distribution, delivery and tracking of transactional emails like order confirmations and contact form emails, among other things.

Broken Link Checks

Broken Links can negatively affect both your visitor experience and SEO scores. We scan and identify broken links on your site.

Site Analytics

It’s just as crucial to keep an eye on your visitors as it is to do anything else. We’ll set up your favourite site analytics or connect you to our own and make them available to you if you want to access them.


Free hosting on our super-fast UK servers is also included with Website Maintenance.

Hopefully, we’ve persuaded you that WordPress Website Maintenance is a good option. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by phone or email using the information listed at the bottom of this page.



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