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1 March 2021

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Content Delivery Network Full Page Cache

New features added free for existing customers

We don’t only provide outstanding service to new customers. Our current clients benefit from the enhancements and updates we implement as part of our continuous improvement approach. We strive to provide the highest quality web design, web hosting, and support.

Three of my customers have started selling outside of the UK in the last six months. Despite the fact that I have superfast UK servers, the best software stack, and employ a content delivery network to effectively distribute static material to end users all over the world, the original request has to originate from the customer’s location in the UK to be as fast as possible.

My mind began to wander. How could I put the HTML at the edge (or, in other words, spread it globally) and therefore bring it closer to end-users. So, today is the day when we finally put our solution into action. Around the world, full-page caching at the edge.

If none of this makes sense to you. In a nutshell, it means websites that are speedier and more responsive, everywhere in the world, regardless of where the end-user is located. The average response time dropped after the service was launched, as shown in the graph below.


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