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8 November 2021

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Are we ready to leave “www” behind?

For several years, websites have been removing the “www.” from their URLs. It seems to start with high-traffic sites. This trend, however, is growing more and more widespread, based on my recent experience. I’m starting to notice that smaller business websites are abandoning it as well. I agree that as an industry, we ought to cease using “www.”

Why should we drop “www.”?

No one says the “world wide web” anymore.

The “www.” prefix has always been used to begin internet domains. “www.” stands for World Wide Web. We no longer refer to the internet as the World Wide Web because we no longer live in the 1990s.

Typing “www.” involves typing 4 more characters.

The W key receives a lot more punishment than it should thanks to URLs that include “www.” Nobody should be required to input “www.” before typing your domain name.

It’s difficult to say.

The addition of “www dot” to a domain name adds ten syllables. The letter w is the only one in the English alphabet with more than one syllable – three to be exact.

It causes bounced emails.

Because they saw the prefix on the website, some individuals who aren’t particularly tech-savvy believe they need to include “www” in email addresses. By avoiding “www.” in the first place, the bounced emails might be prevented.

It’s unnecessary.

There is no need to include www in the address of your website. It was a URL prefix that was accidentally popularised in the early days of the internet. According to Google, it has no effect on rankings and is entirely a matter of personal preference.

How to drop “www.”

It’s straightforward if you are registering a new domain. You don’t need to leave out the “www.” Simply use the domain to create the new website. If you have a well-established website, however, you should use “www.” Don’t make any changes, at least not until you’ve spoken with a professional. If you don’t employ 301 redirects to notify Google/Microsoft of your changes, you risk losing your SEO rankings. This informs search engines that your URLs have relocated permanently. They will reindex your pages without the “www” because of the redirect.


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